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Meet the Illuminati – HOW TO JOIN THE ILLUMINATI

“Have you ever asked a question that seems to have no answer? Questions like Where is GOD? How did we get HERE? Is death a coincidence?”
If you take the time to look for answers to these types of questions, you will often find that the “mainstream opinion”, the line promoted by governments, science and most of the media, is probably not quite right. The image that comes to mind is that the truth can be different from what they say. But… how exactly? Where can you find information about us “the Illuminati”, if everything in our society seems designed to support this “prevailing opinion”?

We are an elite global organization of influencers free of professional dogma or prejudice. We don’t come to you and say we are the Illuminati, but we are everywhere and our only tool is common sense. We come from all kinds of backgrounds (from farmers to doctors to teachers and from translators to art painters) with the main shared characteristic that we are a coalition, curious and open-minded. While many of our operations require anonymity for the safety of our members, we strive to create a better community for understanding each other and for our own protection against harassment.

Our wealth

The origin of the Illuminati is not human, but extraterrestrial. We like the fact that we keep other people’s secrets to form a strong bond between us. Over the years, others have proven apathetic enough to carry out many sinister plans to destroy our path. Only a few members within the Illuminati really know everything, because the pyramidal structure of the system has been arranged in such a way that only a handful of people can miss the full picture. The rest work on a “need to know” basis: they are told nothing more than what is necessary.
There is no poor kings, queens or presidents. Even pontiffs are wealthier than most on this planet. The absence of the need for money removes many of its threats: it is more expensive to bribe someone with wealth than someone without, and this financial clarity is necessary to effectively manage our planet.
The financial base of the Illuminati is asset-based. liquid assets and diverse holdings across the planet, with income derived from many other sources. The social replacement of physical currency with finance based on numbers (digital banking where money is seen as a number rather than paper or stones) made unlimited funds available with just one keyboard. Many of our operations are free due to our exclusive relationships with influential business executives and agencies, further reducing our need for financial resources.
The person who is reckless with little will do worse with much. Whoever is trusted little and uses it for good can be trusted with much more. Our organization helps each willing member with the tools they need to succeed and offers assistance to those who demonstrate a dedication to improving their lives.

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