The principle of money and abundance

Money is a mathematical measure of a person’s earthly influence. < /p >

Wealth is commonly reviled by those who have never known it. Many people go through life believing that the pursuit of money is the cause of all evil, forgetting the fact that money can often solve life’s most harrowing trials. Is the money a mother uses to care for her child bad? Is money given to an artist in exchange for years of practice and suffering bad? Is the money a corrupt corporation pays its employees bad?

The choice of money between good and evil is decided by the one who uses it.< / span>

Money has no feelings, no voice, no soul. When someone is hungry, he cannot eat paper or gold. The same money that can be used to hurt can also be used to heal. For the dictator, money is a means of weapons and death. For the beggar, money is a means of food and life.

Pursue a life of Abundance.

This planet is rich enough for all people everywhere to live in the joys of abundance. A life of Abundance is full to the brim, overflowing: a freedom to help those around you because you no longer have to help yourself. The value of money is measured in the hands of those who own it. For a beggar, a hundred is a lot; for a millionaire, one hundred is not enough. A billionaire can save hundreds of thousands of lives simply by giving food, medicine and shelter to those who don’t have them. How many lives can the poor save?

With effort, poverty is impermanent.

Each person’s life path is hidden: the rich are born not knowing their wealth, as well as the poor and their poverty. While you may feel that the struggles you are facing right now are undeserved, know that they are merely impermanent and temporary. An empire will fall so that greater empires can be made from its ashes; a life will fall so that a greater future can be built from its pieces. Find peace in the knowledge that the darkest times in your life are simply prerequisites to the Abundant life you are meant to live.

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