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We appreciate your interest in our organization. Use our official website for details about our members, contact information, how to join the Illuminati, our beliefs, message archives and much more.

Purpose of the Illuminati

With our organization’s kind guidance, the human species can function in its natural order while playing the role of a cog in a machine to better the world.


The origin of the Illuminati is not human, but extraterrestrial. We like the fact that we keep other people’s secrets to form a strong bond between us.


We are..

a “BODY” of world leaders, investors, creators, business giants, artists and influencers from Planet Illuminati. Our uniqueness brings together dynamic people from all economic, religious, political and natural backgrounds to participate in shaping the unity of our WORLD.


We appreciate it

To get to this “body”. This platform provides details about our contact, membership and membership information, our beliefs, history and much more.


deep belief!

Our beliefs are founded at the origin of our existence. We value them above anything else.


Each human being is part of a larger, eternal project: individual cogs in a clock that never ends. Though they never realize it, one person’s actions have the power to alter the future of the entire world.


Living humans evolve rapidly and continue to advance in skills through study, practice and self-improvement. The human species is guarded by a coalition of its elite members called the Illuminati.


The root of all evil cannot be MONEY. Money is the path to all freedom. The selfish pursuit of money is an empty goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities.


Every human being is guided by an internal compass that points to the Light, revealing truth and direction in the midst of decisions. Ultimately, all human spiritual beliefs seek the Light in ways that differ only in form and function.



I now have “family” all over the world who share my passion for leaving this world in a better state than we found it. I’m beyond grateful.


I’m with the Illuminati now. Since then, I haven’t been afraid to go to college and have even spread the message to friends from all walks of life. It’s nice to know that someone is watching humanity with the best of intentions.


The Illuminati pointed me in the direction to start my path of enlightenment. For that I am more than grateful. The Illuminati is not just changing my life, we are changing humanity.
What is the purpose of the Illuminati?
Making you not worry
Ensuring the survival of over 7 billion human beings is a daunting task. Our duty to this planet has spanned the centuries and has outlasted even the most established government entities. To continue to function through societal and generational changes, Illuminati operations often require anonymity for both our members and our work.
In 2013, the Illuminati authorized the formation of the Citizens’ Bureau. Through various initiatives and campaigns, including this website, the modern Illuminati has committed to deepening our relationships with our citizens.
You may not find us praised in any history book or document. However, the Illuminati has assisted in every major movement on this planet since the first human government was established. Our work is often marked by distinctive symbols as a means of tracing our influence throughout history for those who wish to investigate.
With our organization’s kind guidance, the human species can function in its natural order while playing the role of a cog in a machine to better the world.
Why did we build this platform?
Since the formation of the Illuminati, many citizens have incorrectly portrayed our organization in a negative light. These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through unofficial videos, photos, articles, books, and online resources that claim to understand our mission and our members.
In creating this online destination, we strive to alleviate concerns expressed by the people of this planet and provide insight into our goals and operations.
Can the Illuminati help me?
YES! Once you sign up as a member, you’ll join millions of others who are following the light.
People from all walks of life have committed themselves to the global work of the Illuminati for the betterment of mankind. By renouncing all divisions of religious, geographic or political beliefs, followers of Planet Illuminati strive to form a planet where all people, everywhere, can live in Abundance.


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Since our inception, members of the Illuminati have guided Earth’s most dominant creature through periods of interpersonal chaos, environmental upsurges, and other massive onslaughts that threaten humanity with extinction.

Humans have become the most dominant and advanced species on this planet. Even the weakest human being is born a master of the strongest of all other species on Earth. Through natural selection, each human generation is made up of a stronger and more advanced genetic makeup than the last.

In popular culture, much emphasis is placed on the Illuminati belief that money is not bad. Some see our encouragement of work and wealth as promoting selfishness, ignoring the true meaning of the Pyramid and its underlying messages that motivate our diligence.

In Illuminati principles, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Rather, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill each person’s duty for the advancement of the human species.

While you may not fully understand your purpose, your part is just as important as that of the great kings and queens of this planet. Some feel that their temporary lack of wealth or influence makes them powerless to bring about change. But does a watchmaker prefer larger gears to smaller ones? Does the hour hand get jealous of the minute hand because it spins slower? Every part has a role in the operation of a watch. Each part supports those around them in ways they may never see. Its absence would undo the Order of our universe, even if you don’t realize its importance.

Given many names by spiritual leaders and unexplained by science, the Light is an invisible guide that many believe has led them to joy, success and a life of abundance. He communicates directly with every human being, urging him to strive for good and to give up his natural selfishness.

All human religions and spiritual beliefs seek the Light in ways that differ only in form and function.

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